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Publication Date: Nov 01, 2022


The role of antifreeze

Antifreeze, like oil, plays a vital role in the performance and service life of the engine, enabling the engine to perform at its best in harsh environments. Protect the engine cooling system from rusting and corrosion of water channels; prevent scale and reduce the heat dissipation effect of the radiator; ensure that the engine works efficiently within the normal temperature range

Precautions for replacing antifreeze

When replacing the antifreeze, you need to pay attention to the idle speed of the equipment for 10-15min before shutting down. After the coolant temperature drops below 60°C (to prevent scalding), drain and replace it. If it is discharged too early, the body will suddenly shrink and crack when it is suddenly attacked by cold air when the temperature is high. When discharging, the remaining in the body should be completely discharged to avoid freezing and expansion, which may cause the body to burst.

Use genuine antifreeze

In the cold winter season, in order to prevent the accident of freezing and cracking of the engine, pure antifreeze must be used. Pure antifreeze can better protect the equipment, and the antifreeze function is more suitable for the needs of the equipment, which can ensure the excellent performance of the equipment to a greater extent.

Digging friends, whether you are buying oil or accessories, you must purchase regular original products through regular channels, because the performance of the parts themselves can directly determine the service life and operating efficiency of your entire equipment, and even affect your long-term interests.

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