Excavator operation | Beginners must see these 6 points!

Publication Date: Nov 22, 2022

Whether you are a novice or a veteran driver for many years, you must make sufficient preparations before driving the hydraulic excavator, so as to ensure the safety of the operation and make the excavator last longer. What needs to be done before the excavator operation? Here are the 6 main points summarized for you.

Point one

First of all, you should understand the environment of your workplace and make sure it is safe. Carefully check the solidity of the soil where the excavator is parked. According to different operations, it is necessary to observe the slope of the work site, the height of the wires, underground cables, various pipelines and surrounding obstacles in advance to ensure the safety of the work area. Then drive the excavator to work.

Point 2

Before the operation of the excavator, the safety of the surrounding people must be ensured. No irrelevant personnel shall stay in the excavator operation area, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited from entering the cab. Special attention should be paid to the fact that after the engine is started, no one is allowed to stand inside the bucket, on the boom, on the crawler belt and on the hangar, and safety must be put first.

Point three

Daily inspection and maintenance before work is indispensable. Check whether the engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic oil of the excavator are sufficient.

Point four

Excavator hydraulic system inspection work, observe whether there is leakage in hydraulic pipelines, operating valves, hydraulic cylinders, oil pumps, etc., if necessary, deal with it in time to prevent potential safety hazards.

Point five

There are many things to check before operation, such as checking and adjusting the anti-tension of the track, checking the liquid level of the front window washer, checking and cleaning the air filter, checking the rotary structure, instruments, working devices, etc., and then proceeding after confirming that the excavator is normal. Work.

Point six

To start and prepare the engine, it is best to start with a small throttle and turn off the engine with a small amount of oil. Do not turn off the engine suddenly after high-speed rotation; generally, the best working temperature of the engine is 90-95°C, and the best working temperature of the hydraulic oil is 55-85°C , Remember not to run the excavator at low temperature or overload.

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