How do excavators avoid trapping in the rainy season?

Publication Date: Sep 26, 2022


The importance of downhill

1. Don't go downhill obliquely, it is best to go down at 90 degrees;

2. Do not put the bulldozer in front when digging down the mud;

3. The lower silt drive wheel goes down first, and the guide wheel faces the retreat direction.

4. When entering the mud pit, squeeze forward with dry soil, squeeze the mud to the front, and then work.

Notes on work

1. When working in the mud, the movements must be gentle to avoid violent shaking of the machine, which will sink quickly;

2. You can drag the car with your forearm, support the car a little bit, and then go straight forward as soon as you close the forearm, so as to avoid crushing the hard shell on the mud;

3. When it is found that the chain belt has been sunk in half, it should be withdrawn in time. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter a few more fights. You must know that this is the critical point, and it will be difficult to get out if it sinks further;

4. Always pay attention to the surrounding of the chain belt. If the chain belt of the excavator is unbalanced, it will not use force. Do not idling. Once idling, the soil on that side will be smashed, and the machine will tilt to the idling side, which is likely to overturn;

5. Don't put the bucket into the mud, especially the sticky mud, which is difficult to lift;

6. If the excavator has water on the hard bottom slope, the whole machine will slide down when the forearm is retracted;

7. When working near the water, the working surface of the excavator is above the mud and is about the same height as the water surface. Try not to make the working surface lower than the water surface, it is easy to dig more and more rotten;

8. When digging the mud with slippery layer "like coal ash", it is best to dig the machine upright, don't be afraid of trouble, you can quickly retreat when you find that it is going to collapse, and it is easy to get it out if it collapses;

9. If it really sinks, dig out the mud under the chain belt, it is possible that the chain belt will be absorbed by the mud; put a steel plate, iron plate, wood board under the chain belt, in short, put a hard surface on it, so that the machine can borrow force out;

10. Pay special attention. When you judge that the machine has been trapped, and it will continue to sink as long as it moves a little bit, don't make any more movements, otherwise the deeper the trap will be, the greater the loss will be.

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