Why do excavators frequently turn off? Analysis of the reasons for the flameout of the excavator!

Publication Date: Oct 09, 2022


Excavators inevitably encounter various failures during use, and excavator flameout is a common one. So why does the excavator frequently turn off the flame? Knowing more about the relevant fault cases will help you make fault judgments when you encounter similar situations. Let's take a look at the different situations and reasons for the frequent flameout of the excavator.

Excavator stalling is the same as excavator stalling, which means that the engine speed drops sharply, causing the engine to smoke or even stall. There are three manifestations of excavator stall failure: cold car stall, hot car stall, cold car stall, let me introduce them to you respectively.

First, the excavator frequently shuts off - the excavator is cold and shuts down

The reasons for the excavator's cold car stall may be the following:

1. The pump pressure of the excavator is incorrect.

2. The engine speed or load power is insufficient.

3. The voltage value of the PRV solenoid valve is insufficient.

4. The engine valve clearance is too large/too small.

5. The number of diesel oil is wrong, the viscosity of diesel oil in cold weather is high, and the fuel supply is insufficient. Engine warmed up

Second, the excavator frequently stalls - the excavator is hot and the car is stalled

1. Black smoke may be due to faults in the excavator oil circuit, fuel pump, engine intake, engine three filters, etc.

2. If the hot car stalls due to the problem of the oil circuit, the oil circuit should be checked in time, the oil may be deteriorated or too dirty.

3. The hydraulic pump or distribution valve leaks, causing the pump power to be greater than the engine power.

4. The hot car is the flameout caused by the increased leakage of the high-pressure fuel pump, and the fuel pump needs to be calibrated.

5. The pump regulator is worn, the pressure flow of the pump valve group is too large, the internal components of the pump are worn, etc.

3. The excavator is frequently turned off - the excavator is turned off when the car is cold and hot

What if the excavator is cold and the car is hot and the car is turned off? This kind of fault usually occurs on the second-hand excavator with a long service life. The reasons for this failure are:

1. The oil nozzle of the diesel pump (high pressure oil pump) is not working well.

2. The pressure flow of the pump valve group is too large.

3. It is caused by not changing the oil for a long time and so on.

4. The engine power is too large.

The above are the three situations about the frequent flameout of the excavator. We must pay enough attention to the frequent flameout of the excavator, and find the fault point in time. If you can’t handle it yourself, you can find professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.

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