How to drive an excavator more fuel efficient?

Publication Date: Sep 21, 2022


Today, I will give you some tips on how to save fuel for excavators.

Tip 1: Don't use ineffective actions, where you need to dig

Doing ineffective actions will waste a lot of oil. It is necessary to design the construction method according to the situation of the construction site. Do not do unnecessary rotating actions. When loading the truck, try to collect soil from the front, and try to avoid rotating to the back door to collect soil. The height should be suitable, and the soil should not be dug up and down repeatedly.

In order to reduce the unnecessary increase in fuel consumption in the excavator, the premise is that you must first know the basic operation of the excavator well, and master the correct operation of loading, walking, turning, leveling, and slope repairing. A novice who has just entered the industry, if the foundation is not good, he should listen to the advice of the master, and learn to dig homework.

Tip 2: Avoid engine idling

If you work 8-9 hours a day, 1 hour of which is idling, then you will waste a lot of time. If you can avoid idling, you can save 230 liters of fuel per year. Therefore, in the daily loading process, when you can stop for a long time halfway, try not to "wait" with the machine idling.

Tip 3: Avoid overloading and dropping pressure

When the excavator is installed with too much sediment and exceeds its own load, the excavator will fall into the state of pressure drop. If you are overloading for 6 minutes of every hour of work during the day, you're wasting 840 litres of diesel. Otherwise, 840 liters of diesel will be saved.

Therefore, in the process of operation, if a shovel cannot handle the problem, don’t be impatient, you can deal with it in two parts, otherwise it will not only waste equipment, but also consume oil, and the small will lose the big.

Tip 4: Reduce the engine speed

Putting the engine throttle in the economical position and reducing the engine speed will affect the workload, but it can greatly reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel consumption efficiency.

Tip 5: Reduce the hovering angle

Reducing the hover angle when loading a dump truck can shorten the cycle time, increase the amount of work per unit work time, and improve fuel efficiency. It's also a fuel-efficient trick.

Skill 6: Reasonable control of the digging angle

When the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, stick cylinder and stick are all at 90 degrees, each cylinder pushes the excavator the most. Do not extend the stick to the maximum range of action, starting from about 80% works best.

Skill 7: Reasonably control the excavation range of the stick

There will be slight differences depending on the digging depth, but generally the boom and bucket should be operated within this range and should not be operated to the end of the cylinder stroke. The control stick should be within an angular range of 45 degrees distal to 30 degrees medial.

Tip 8: Dig deep and subdivide

Generally, excavator excavation is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. If you excavate from the bottom to the top at one time, first of all, the scope of action is increased, and secondly, the power of the excavator is reduced due to the increase of the scope, which reduces the work efficiency. Cost a lot of oil.

Tip 9: Arrange the excavation sequence reasonably

When digging trenches, excavate both sides of the trench first, and then excavate the middle part. This saves a lot of trouble and effort when digging in the middle.

Tip 10: Prevent diesel from being stolen

Sometimes it is not only necessary to spend time on the tips to save diesel fuel, but also to prevent some thieves from stealing diesel fuel.

There are three ways for a thief to get the diesel out of the tank:

First, from the valve; second, from the oil outlet, and third, from the fuel filler. Remember that from these three defenses, you can greatly reduce the chance of being stolen.

All in all, the above skills are summed up by the experience of many old drivers for many years. Of course, it is not useful for everyone, or it is immediate.

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