How to maintain a crane? A must learn for newbies!

Publication Date: Mar 15, 2023


Routine inspection: visually check the sealing of the reducer, the abnormal noise of the equipment, check the tightness of the fastening screws and bolts, the braking performance of the brake.

Regular maintenance: new vehicles should have their oil changed once in 150 hours of operation, the oil can be drained by removing the oil plug below. The oil should be changed every 1,000 hours or year thereafter.

Reducers that do not have their oil changed on time can cause gear wear and broken teeth. However, many users do not pay attention to this, and even find that some use for many years without changing the oil and refuelling, until there is a downtime failure.


Slewing support

Bolt pre-tightening time arrangement: under general working conditions, the new car should be checked once for 100 hours of work, the size of the pre-tightening force is subject to the use and maintenance instructions of each product; after that, every 500 hours, the bolt must be checked once, and must maintain sufficient pre-tightening force. Replace the bolts every 7 years or 14,000 hours of operation.

Slewing bearing lubrication: generally add 3# calcium-based grease and lubricate the raceways once every 100 hours of operation; when adding grease, the slewing bearing must be rotated slowly for at least two weeks.

Failure to maintain the slewing ring in time will result in inflexible rotation, damage to the raceways, elastic deformation, loose mounting bolts, breakage and other faults.


Hydraulic system

Daily inspection: all components and pipeline connections for leakage and looseness, hoses for ageing and cracking, cleanliness of hydraulic oil, oil level of the tank.

Regular maintenance: when the new vehicle works for 200 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be filtered, and after that, the oil should be filtered or changed every 6 months, and the filter element should be replaced at the same time. Hydraulic oil should not be used for more than 24 months, and after 24 months, it cannot be used even after filtering; whenever hydraulic oil is found to be seriously polluted, it should be filtered or replaced in time; hydraulic oil of different grades should not be mixed. In the north when the seasons change, the winter or summer hydraulic oil needs to be replaced according to the environmental requirements.

The pollution of hydraulic oil will cause many hydraulic components to fail, and the repaired components will have a short service life and high failure rate, which greatly increases the maintenance cost.

Electrical system

Daily inspection: check whether various instruments, lights and horns are normal; whether the wiring harness wiring is loose, off and worn; the appearance of the battery, the colour of the electric eye and the tightening status of the terminals.

Regular inspection: check whether the torque limiter/weighing instrument can work normally, whether the accuracy meets the requirements, whether the height limiting device and overload protection device work normally.


Wire rope, cable, pulley

Daily inspection: the tensioning of the steel wire rope, whether there are broken wires, loose, twisted, knocked and seriously rusted, the

The wear and tear of the boom slider and whether the pulley is damaged and stuck.

Regular maintenance: When the user uses the crane, the length of the boom will change due to the stress on the rope rows or cables during the operation of the boom. If it is found that the telescoping is not synchronized or has a shaking phenomenon, it should be adjusted in time and the phenomenon should be eliminated before operation. Otherwise, it will happen that the rope row or lasso fall and break, causing serious consequences.

Steel wire rope in the manufacture has been coated with enough lubricating oil, but in the process of use, the original lubricating oil will slowly lose emitted, so in use should be regularly to the wire rope coated with lubricating oil, in order to ensure anti-rust and lubrication, reduce friction, prolong the service life of the wire rope.

The dynamic pulley on the hook, the fixed pulley at the head of the boom, and the bearing seat of the winch need to be lubricated regularly (every 100 hours of operation) by oiling the nozzle.

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