What are the applications of small rollers?

Publication Date: Oct 25, 2022


Small road rollers are becoming more and more common in the beautification of cities, so where are small road rollers used? What is its effect?

1. The application of garden landscape, residential landscape, golf course. For landscape areas, large-scale road rollers are indeed not flexible enough, and the construction of landscape pays more attention to the design of style. Not all places need to be compacted, and the construction of golf courses is the same, so small road rollers are used.

2. Compaction of sidewalks, maintenance of pavement. It is obviously not appropriate to drive a large road roller for road maintenance. For example, the paving of sidewalks, the compaction of the edges of trenches, and the compaction of asphalt in the corners of roads all require the use of small rollers.

3. In narrow construction sites or in weight-sensitive occasions, small road rollers can efficiently and flexibly complete the operation requirements, and its role is irreplaceable.

4. When the road pipeline or bridge abutment is backfilled, the small road roller and the large road roller can be used together at this time. Since the small roller has an extra-large water tank, it can avoid the back-and-forth transportation of water and waste of working time.

Moreover, it is very comfortable to operate the small roller, and its handles are foldable, which is convenient for operation and storage.

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