Causes of Surface Cracks on Roller Drums

Publication Date: Oct 13, 2022


Transverse cracks on the surface of asphalt concrete pavement are one of the common pavement defects. The usual length is 25-102m and the interval is 25-76mm. These surface fine cracks are generally invisible when paving materials, and often appear during the compaction process.

The causes of surface cracks, in addition to asphalt concrete material and grading defects, are often related to the selection of compaction equipment, rolling, process control and other factors. When statically compacting the loose asphalt mixture, it is easy to cause lateral cracks on the road surface. , such cracks generally do not extend to the entire surface layer, usually only 6-10mm deep.

When the passive wheel is a static roller with the front wheel, when rolling a new layer with poor stability, surface cracks often appear due to the passage of materials. The pressing depth of the static magnetic roller is related to the load of the roller and the diameter of the steel wheel. In order to To eliminate the influence of shape waves, generally a roller with a larger drum diameter should be used.

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