HW1T Double Drum Road Roller

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Weight: 1000Kg
Rated Power: 9Hp
Exciting force: 30Kn
Product Detail

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Working weight (kg)1000
Exciting force (Kn)30
Engine modelChangchai/Changfa186
Engine power (Hp)9

We provide you with the manufacturer's price, ensuring the most cost-effective option for a road roller. The smaller turning radius is a significant advantage, enabling improved maneuverability. Additionally, the hydraulic walking unit enables smooth movement and efficient stopping functionality. 

Our small road roller features a push-to-start function, a high-power drive motor, and a double steel wheel drive device, enhancing its performance capabilities. It is also equipped with an atomization spray system and a scraper, further contributing to a smoother operation.


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