HW600K Hot melt kettle

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One-year warranty
Kettle Cylinder capacity: 300kg*2
Function: Melting paint
Heating Fuel: Petroleum Liquefied gas
Product Detail

Hot melt kettle is one of the main equipment in the construction of hot melt marking,this equipment adopts integrated multiplex hydraulic stepless torque transmission power,  ensure the high performance and high load operation, forward and reverse stir; 

Stainless steel straight spray furnace, energy-saving burner to ensure combustion with high efficiency, time saving, energy saving, with high melt efficiency, long continuous working time, simple operation, maintenance is convenient .


Double cylinder Mechanical Hot Melt Kettle


8 HP water cooled diesel engine

Kettle Cylinder capacity


Driven mode

Mechanical and hydraulic

Heating Fuel

Petroleum Liquefied gas



Net Weight

500 kg

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