HW-6L Road Marking Machine

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One-year warranty
Painting Type: Cold Paint
Painting Width: 70-250mm
Power: 4.3hp
Product Detail

HW-6L Road Marking Machine is suitable for marking lines on the plastic running tracks or artificial lawns.

1. Airless spraying paining technology for which the high-pressure pump is drivenby a gasoline engine as been adopted in the line marking machine to create clear,smooth, saturating and even limes, providing a high working efficiency;

2. Both sides of the spraying gun are equipped with a limiting disc plates, ensuringthe line free of raw edges, such plates may be lift through a pulling line insteering, turning flexibly;

3. The spraying gun may be conveniently dismantle different nozzles and control theline width, suitable for common airless spraying for marking or labels;

4. Road line marking machine runs by pushing,with convenient turning ,reliable orientation and flexible turning.

                   Model                HW-6L
TypeSingle Nozzle
Motor power4.3hp
Unloading flow6L/MIn
Max output pressure25mpa
HIgh pressure pipe strength35mpa
HIgh pressure pipe length6*10m
Max spray width200mm
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