HWSG16-3 Motor Grader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Operating Weight: 15100kg
Rated Power: 118Kw
Width of Shovel Blade: 3660mm
Product Detail


Product nameSG16-3
Performance parameters
Operating weight of machine (kg)15100
Wheelbase (mm)6260
Wheel tread (mm)2155
Minimum ground clearance (mm)430
Steering angle of front wheels (°)±45
Articulated steering angle (°)±25
Maximum traction force (kN)79.3 (f=0.75)
Turning radius (mm)7,800 (Outer side of front wheel)
Maximum gradeability (°)20
Width of shovel blade (mm)3660
Height of shovel blade (mm)635
Blade slewing angle (º)360
Blade cutting angle (º)37-83
Maximum digging depth of blade (mm)500
Length (mm)8726
Width (mm)2600
Heigh (mm)3400
Engine model6BTAA5.9-C160
TypeMechanical direct injection
Rated power/rated speed (kw/rpm)118kW/2200
Drive system
Torque converterSingle-stage single-phase three-element
TransmissionCountershaft power shift
GearsSix forward and three reverse

Working Adaptability

● Equipped with a power shift transmission that features 6 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, which are electro-hydraulically controlled. This transmission allows for the selection of the optimal gear based on the working road condition, ensuring the best match between traveling and operation.

● The drive axle is an integral three-segment design, internally built with an imported no-spin automatic limited slip differential. This design ensures a stable and reliable drive, providing excellent performance.

● The balance box allows for a 15° angular swing in the vertical direction, while the heavy-duty roller chain drive enhances the machine's terrain adaptability. It can effectively handle various road conditions, providing stable power output and strong drive force.

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