ZL936 Wheel Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Rated Load: 1500Kg
Bucket Capacity: 1.0cbm
Rated Power: 78Kw
Product Detail


  • 1.The rising force is large, the high-position unloading material is automatically leveled, and the working device has a short action time, which improves the efficiency of the whole machine.

  • 2.Air cap oil assisted braking system, caliper disc brake.

  • 3. Split type hydraulic torque converter, not easy to high temperature, easy maintenance.

  • 4. The forward-leaning front frame has long unloading distance and large lifting weight.

  • 5. Electronic flame out, automatic power off, no switch.

  • 6. The pilot valve is hydraulically operated, and air conditioning is optional.



Rated load (Ton)


Engine model

Weifang 4102 Turbocharger

Rated power (Kw)


Max. discharging height (mm)


Bucket width (mm)


Rated bucket capacity (m³)


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