M series Skid Steer Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Operating Load: 300-950Kg
Bucket Capacity: 0.2-0.5cbm
Rated Power: 18.4-55kw
Product Detail

Model/ Technical parameterHW25MHW25MHW35MHW45MHW60MHW65M
Operating load (kg)300450500700850950
Max Speed (km/h)91010121212
Rated flux (L/min)37506062.57575
Tire (track) model23×8.5-1527×8.5-158.5-1510-16.512-16.512-16.5
Rated power (Kw)18.42229.5374555
Fuel tank capacity (L)254560707080
self weight bucket (kg)150020002300270028003000
Bucket capacity (m3)
Overall operating height (mm)312634303300398041304130
Dumping angle at maximum height (° )36434040°4040
Dumping height (mm)188219712050238024002400
Dumping reach (mm)458477790750750750

● This series features a sleek design, narrow host width, and excellent maneuverability. It utilizes a luffing working arm to ensure optimal load-bearing capacity within a smaller width.

● Among all sliding machine products, this series boasts the smallest main machine width, meeting the demands of specialized operations. Additionally, the M series offers enhanced ultra-low height products, with the lowest height measuring only 1.4 meters.

● The M series products incorporate high-quality hydraulic components sourced from Europe and America. The control system utilizes a pilot servo system, delivering precise and rapid responsiveness. It represents the ideal option for operations in confined spaces.

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