C series Skid Steer Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Operating Load: 1050-1200Kg
Bucket Capacity: 0.5-0.55cbm
Rated Power: 55-74kw
Product Detail

Operating load (kg)10501200
Max Speed (km/h)120.67
Rated flux (L/min)7575
High Flow Flux (L/min)120140
Tire (track) model12-16.512-16.5
Rated power (Kw)5574
Fuel tank capacity (L)7590
self weight bucket (Kg)35003550
Bucket capacity (m3)0.50.55
Overall operating height (mm)40704070
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm)31503150
height to top of cab (mm)21602160
Height to bottom of level bucket (mm)29832983
Overall length ithout bucket (mm)28802880
overall length with bucket (mm)35803580

C series Skid Steer Loader:

● The chassis is designed to be reinforced as a whole, with a total weight exceeding 4000kg. The boom structure possesses excellent load-bearing capacity, and the bucket cylinder is positioned beneath the lateral ribs of the boom, ensuring effective protection. The machine's dumping height surpasses that of similar products.

● Fitted with a high-powered diesel engine, all hydraulic components utilize European and American products. The machine delivers robust power, high operational efficiency, and is well-suited for heavy-duty tasks.

● This machine features an ultra-low temperature starting system, capable of operating in environments as cold as -30℃. Additionally, it is equipped with an oil-water radiator boasting a large heat dissipation area, ensuring uninterrupted oil flow even during high summer temperatures.

● The C series model offers a high flow system, providing a remarkable 140L/min flow rate.

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