B series Skid Steer Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Rated Load: 950-1500Kg
Bucket Capacity: 0.5-0.55cbm
Rated Power: 55-103kw
Product Detail

Model/Technical parametersHW65BHW75BHW100BHW120B
Operating load (kg)950105012001500
Max Speed (km/h)12120.670.67
Rated flux (L/min)80808080
High Flow Flux (L/min)120140140
Tire (track) model12-16.512-16.512-16.512-16.5
Rated power (Kw)555574103

● The product features advanced configurations for its key components. The main pump utilizes the high-pressure plunger variable pump from German manufacturer Rexroth, while the walking motor is sourced from Rexroth, offering both single-speed and two-speed options. The engine is carefully selected from globally renowned brands. Essential hydraulic components, such as gear pumps, multi-way valves, pilot valves, and leveling valves, are imported from Europe and the United States.

● This product is equipped with a cutting-edge plate welding working arm, boasting impressive load-bearing capacity and overall rigidity that guarantees reliability and durability. The tipping cylinder can support a maximum of 100/50, and the breakout force exceeds 3 tons. The deluxe cabin is designed with blow molding interiors, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and comfort.

● The pilot operating mechanism incorporates the adjustable control distance, a patented design by our company, catering to the diverse driving requirements of different individuals. Additionally, the rear radiator features a rotating structure, significantly enhancing the machine's repairability.

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