HWQY6T Self-made Truck Crane

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One-year warranty
Lifting Weight: 6500Kg
Lifting Height: 25m、 28m
Power: 74Kw
Product Detail

The self-made crane is mainly composed of a long arm and an electric motor. 

Its advantages are convenience and flexibility, high efficiency, fast transition, and improved work efficiency. 

Cranes are used for lifting equipment, emergency, lifting, machinery, and rescue; they are widely used in lifting and unloading machinery places such as port workshops and construction sites.

Product main features

1. It is suitable for complex road conditions such as swamps, river beaches, deserts, paddy fields, tropical rain forests, and ice and snow roads.

2. Good traction, good grip performance and strong transportation capacity.

3. Small turning radius, flexible maneuvering, especially suitable for narrow sites, reducing road construction costs.

4. Equipped with electric start, centralized handle, easy to operate.

Overall Dimensions7.2m*1.98m*2.65m
Wheelbase2.6/2.8 (optional)
Max. loading capacity6000Kg
Max. lifting height25m、28m
Engine model490
Gearbox model6-speed
Power (kw hp)74KW (100hp)
Emission StandardsChina Ⅲ
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