HWFT12T Truck Crane

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Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Swing speed: 0-3rap
Engine model: Weichai
Power: 118kw160hp
Product Detail

1. Standard environmental protection national 5 engine, intercooled supercharged, automatically air-cut brake, high and low speed driving.

2. Hydraulic system of the whole vehicle is newly designed, matched with pressure and flow compensation system, load sensing hydraulic control system, easy to operate, high efficiency, smooth movement compound performance, stable and reliable quality, flexible and comfortable operation.

3. The multi-way valve adopts the Lujiate large-flow double valve, double-in and double-out, double oil circuit, the hoisting system is faster and more powerful.

4. Large-diameter four-way central revolving body, equipped with a revolving brake valve to prevent slippage, with reliable buffer self-locking function.

5. The slewing center is equipped with a touch-type electric disc, which can rotate 360 degrees infinitely.

6. Boom telescopic limit marking and automatic stop report, limit switch three insurance.

7. Hydraulic double-section outriggers, extra-large outrigger span, larger working range and safer. The outrigger cylinder is ejected with small clearance.

8. Double hooks and double winches to improve work efficiency. The winch adopts high-strength multi-strand anti-rotation phosphor-plated steel wire rope, which has long life, high strength and more stable operation.

9. U-shaped section of the arm body, anti-twist design, more uniform force, better telescopic guidance, more stable telescopic

Chassis modelsFOTON RUIWO
Max. loading capacity12000kg
Crane jib U type7.3m*5 section
Max. lifting height31.5m
Outrigger span (mm)6400*5000
Overall Dimensions10500*2350*3350
Motor Power15kw
Lifting speedDouble pumps combined
Swing speed0-3rap
Engine modelWeichai
Tire900R20 radial tire
Reducer modelPlanetary reducer
Steering machanismHydraulic Power Steering
Braking SystemAir brake
GearboxFaust 8-speed gearbox
Emission StandardsChina Ⅵ
Main hoisting mechanism12t
Auxiliary hoisting mechanism12t
Driving speed90km/h

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