HW120 Spider Crane

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Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Max working radius:5m(0.3ton)
Engine power:9.6kw
Product Detail

Hengwang brand miniature cranes are specially designed and manufactured for working in indoor or outdoor low-passage confined areas. 

It was mounted on a double-track chassis with "spider-type" outriggers. Hengwang miniature cranes are compact and easy to move, and are used in places where traditional lifting equipment or truck-mounted cranes cannot be used due to their size.


Machine weight1230kg
Max working radius5m(0.3ton)
Max lifting height5.8m(0.8ton)
Standard configurationProportional Valve, Petrol engine, Searcher hook, Storage battery, Black rubber track, EMO switch, Three color lamp, Remote control lamp, Luffing balance valve, Telescopic balance valve, Hook anti-decoupling device, Slewing brake, Winch brake, Outrigger off the ground alarm and automatic stop device, Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system, Extra two sets of filters

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