HW1200SL Crawler Dumper

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One-year warranty
Max.payload (T): 1.2
Power (Kw): 7.6
Overall size (L*W*H) (mm): 2400*1100*1300
Product Detail

The HW1200SL Crawler Dumper is a compact and maneuverable vehicle that excels at operating in narrow spaces. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of water conservancy construction, orchard transportation, mountain climbing, and engineering transportation.



Overall size (L*W*H) (mm)2350*1000*1300
Container size (mm)1350*950*500
Engine model188F/E
Power (KW)7.6KW
Max.payload (T)1.2
Weight (Kg)560

Main feature:

1. All-Terrain Capability: The HW1200SL Crawler Dumper is designed to be transported on muddy and icy roads, enabling it to navigate challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions with ease.

2. Self-Unloading Design and Crawler-Type Walking: The dumper's self-unloading feature and crawler-type walking mechanism significantly enhance its operational capacity and versatility, allowing for expanded use in various applications.

3. Customizable Size: The size of the HW1200SL can be customized according to the specific requirements of different projects, ensuring optimal fit and functionality.

4. Strong Bearing Capacity and Excellent Climbing Performance: With its robust construction, the crawler dumper offers a high bearing capacity and exhibits exceptional climbing performance, enabling it to handle heavy loads and tackle steep slopes effectively.

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