HWD30-38 Concrete Pump

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Rated Power: 38Kw
Aggregate size: 30mm
Output: 15m³/h
Product Detail

1. Main oil pump: constant power variable inner plunger pump is adopted. Constant power control can effectively prevent diesel engine from over load, and it bears higher pressure and load than conventional gear pump.

2. Power system: diesel concrete pump has low energy consumption and high efficiency.

3. Hopper device: the hopper volume is increased and the shed is equipped with a vibration motor to meet the requirements of pumping coagulation.

4. Electric control system: the main electrical appliances are schneider, LS brand, zhengtai.

5. Cooling system: double cooling system of air cooling or water cooling is adopted, which is not only suitable for high temperature but also suitable for severe cold,to control the oil temperature of the hydraulic system and ensure the safety and reliability of equipment operation.

6. Centralized lubrication system: lubricants are injected into the main line by a plunger pump and distributed to the main line by a distributor. "Point -to-point leap slip protects key components from wear and tear. S tube valve: adopt high manganese steel integral casting molding. wear surface using anti-wear material surfacing welding, has the advantages of high pressure resistance and wear resistance double layer: the inner cavity transition is smooth, the concrete flow is smooth, pump performance is further improved; Spline shaft adopts alloy material for special surface treatment, which improves wear resistance and fatigue strength.

7. Eyeglasses plate, cutting ring eyeglasses plate and cutting ring are made of hard alloy inlay,which are durable.

8. Hydraulic pipe joint: the rubber pipe is supplied in sets by alfama of ltaly or gates of America.

9. Wireless remote control: the wireless remote control imported from Taiwan is adopted for simple and convenient operation.

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