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Operating weight: 56200kg
Engine power: 380kW/510HP
Blade capacity: 13.7m³
Product Detail

Operating weight(kg)56200
Engine power(HP)510HP
10Blade width x height(mm)4320*1950
Blade capacity13.7m³

DH46-C3 is a next-generation static pressure transmission bulldozer with a 510 horsepower engine that complies with National IV emission standards.

By optimizing and upgrading the drive system, power system, hydraulic system, and electrical system, we have enhanced driving comfort, operational efficiency, and achieved exceptional fuel economy.

This bulldozer delivers a maximum power output of 510 horsepower while improving efficiency by 10%-15% compared to similar fuel consumption levels.


1. Bulldozing function: Level and tidy up soil, gravel, and other materials using the bulldozer blade.

2. Leveling function: Achieve surface leveling and finishing by adjusting the angle and height of the bulldozer blade.

3. Clearing function: Clear obstacles and weeds in construction sites, roads, or farmland.

4. Compaction function: Install a compactor roller to compact soil and repair road surfaces.

5. Construction function: Used for road construction, embankment building, or site leveling.

6. Pushing function: Push large objects, construction materials, or piled-up materials.

7. Auxiliary function: Expand functionality by installing various attachments, such as grabbers or mowers.

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