A few easy tricks to help your excavator overcome "dementia" and enhance construction efficiency!

Publication Date: Aug 16, 2023

Have you often encountered situations where the excavator seems to suffer from old-age dementia, moving slowly and awkwardly regardless of rotation or movement?Today, let us share a few easy ways to solve the problem of slow excavator movements.

Slow Action of Components

When implementing a single action, such as walking, lifting the arm, turning, rotating the bucket, etc., the operation is slow. This situation can generally be analyzed from

1. Component Malfunctions

This refers to the poor reception of information by the action components themselves or poor contact during implementation. It can also be due to low pressure in the overflow valve of the relevant component. Operators can check by tapping the components to see if any screws are loose or conduct pressure tests to identify issues and proceed with repairs accordingly.

2.Transmission Process Malfunction

This refers to a malfunction that occurs during the command transmission process, obstructing the delivery of command signals. Therefore, special attention should be given to checking the pump, low-pressure sensor, and multi-way valve for any signs of malfunction.

3.Operational Center Malfunction

This pertains to a malfunction in the excavator's command issuing center, leading to the inability to send out signals. This situation is generally more complex and requires professional repair guidance. Excavator operators should carefully inspect related solenoid valve malfunctions and check whether the valve cores are stuck.

The Excavator Moves Slowly

1.Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is one of the power systems of the excavator. If the excavator is moving slowly, you should check the hydraulic system to see if it's well maintained and if the hydraulic oil is changed regularly. Expired hydraulic oil not only affects the effectiveness of the excavator but also corrodes its hydraulic components. Also, check if the hydraulic oil circuit and return oil filter element are blocked. If there is blockage, clean the circuit and replace the filter element if necessary.

2.Engine Power Too Low

Similar to the hydraulic system, the engine is also one of the power systems of the excavator. If the engine power is low, it will lead to reduced output power and slow movement of the excavator. Check if the engine is running at normal power and ensure proper maintenance.

3.Hydraulic Pump

If the hydraulic pump output is insufficient, it's one of the transmission faults in the hydraulic system. Operators can enter the service diagnostic system for pressure testing to identify whether slow excavator movements are due to poor conduction caused by the hydraulic pump.

Slow Movements Due to Overheating

1.Check the Oil

Check if the fuel used complies with the requirements of the excavator. If the fuel hasn't been changed for a long time or if it's too dirty, it needs to be replaced. If there are copper shavings attached to the oil filter, it might scratch the main pump and cause wear, so it's important to clean the filter.

2.Blocked Filter Elements

Blocked filter elements can lead to oil circuit blockage. Therefore, it's necessary to check whether the pilot filter element, return filter element, and suction filter element are clogged. If they are, clean the blockage or replace the filter element if needed.

3.Main Pump Regulator

If the piston of the main pump regulator is covered with mud, it's inevitable given the excavation work often involves soil. However, a blocked piston can lead to a decrease in pump pressure and output power, causing slow excavator movements. Therefore, during routine maintenance, various parts should be cleaned of mud.

The issue of slow excavator movements might make operators unhappy, but it undoubtedly serves as a signal from the excavator. At such times, it's essential to carefully inspect excavator malfunctions. Comprehensive inspection and maintenance from various aspects will help excavators overcome their "dementia"!

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