Precautions before and during operation of 10 tons truck crane

Publication Date: May 19, 2023


1. Before the operation of the 10-ton truck crane, great attention should be paid to the terrain, ground objects, and ground in the operation area to be flat and solid. Measures should be taken for irregular terrain and ground to ensure that the crane is in a horizontal state.

2. Parallel skids must be placed under the outriggers of the 10-ton truck crane. After the outriggers are level, turn off all the power of the outriggers, control the valves, and operate without load. After several runs. Get off the car and check whether the whole vehicle is level, whether the foundation is firm, and whether the spreader and safety device are reliable, and observe whether there is any abnormality in the circuit and hydraulic system.

3. When the 10-ton truck crane is in operation, according to the quality of the hoisted object and the lifting height, add enough counterweight, adjust the length and elevation angle of the boom, and estimate the height of the hoisted object itself to leave an appropriate working space.

4. When supporting the car, the rear of the car faces the landing point, and it is strictly forbidden to lift objects at the front of the car.

5. When the 10-ton truck crane is operating, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the boom. When the heavy object falls, you must step on the pedal and other control mechanisms to make the heavy object fall in a controlled manner. Before the drop stops, you should gradually slow down to avoid using emergency brakes and damaging other parts.

6. When the 10-ton truck lifts heavy objects to 90% of the rated weight. It should be operated by skilled operators. When the lifting height is 0.5 meters, stop lifting, check the outriggers, whether there is any abnormality in the foundation, the reliability of the brake, whether the heavy objects are stable and the firmness of the binding heavy objects, and then lift after confirming that they are correct.

7. The hoisting operation should be stable, no cable pulling or slanting hanging is allowed, and it is strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects buried underground or solidified on the ground, and other objects of unknown quality.

8. When heavy objects need to stay in the air, the operator must not leave the operating room

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