How to warm up the excavator in winter?

Publication Date: Jan 06, 2023

It is very difficult to get up early in the cold winter, so is your favorite machine, you must be "warm" to get up early and start working!

The normal temperature of the hydraulic oil of the machine is about 50°C. When the oil temperature is lower than 25°C, if it is operated violently, the hydraulic equipment may have a major failure. Therefore, the working oil should be heated to above 25°C before operation.

If the working device is started directly without sufficient warm-up, the response of the working device to the operating lever is slow, and sometimes abnormal howling sounds may occur. Therefore, in severe cold weather, please perform sufficient warm-up before starting work.

● Automatic warm-up function setting

first step:

Turn the key switch to "ON" to display the main screen (a).

Press the "menu switch" to enter the user menu screen (b).

Step two:

Use the "Up", "Down" arrow switches to move the cursor to "Function Selection".

Press the "Right" arrow switch to enter the "Function Selection".

third step:

Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow switches to move the cursor to "Auto Warm Up".

the fourth step:

Press the "right" arrow switch to enter the state of the screen (f), and the "OFF" part turns blue.

the fifth step:

Use the UP, DOWN arrow switches to select ON.

Step six:

Press the "menu switch" to set, at this time the part of "ON" turns black.

Step seven:

Please turn the key switch to "OFF" first to make it memorize the setting of automatic warm-up.

● Precautions for operation and use in winter

first step:

Please put the safety lock lever in the "locked position".

Step two:

If the engine is started while the engine is cold, automatic warm-up starts, and "warming up" is displayed in the warm-up of the engine and hydraulic oil. (Note: When the machine warm-up process is not completed, operate the handle, and the warm-up will be temporarily interrupted. If the handle remains neutral for 10 seconds, the automatic warm-up will restart)

third step:

After the warm-up is completed, the buzzer will sound "warm-up complete" for 5 seconds, and the warm-up operation is completed.

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