There are several types of road rollers

Publication Date: Aug 26, 2022

1. Cylindrical roller

Traditional cylindrical drums are relatively light and pushed by people. Cylindrical drums are usually 1 meter in diameter and are generally made of iron, stone or concrete and are mainly used for small and private projects such as yard work.

2. Grid scroll wheel

A mesh roller is a roller with a network of steel reinforcements, these types of rollers are usually towed or towed behind a tractor or other heavy machinery. They are best suited for well-graded rough soils, weathered rock, and subgrade and base road construction.

3. Pneumatic drum

A pneumatic roller, sometimes called a pneumatic tire roller, is a large ride-on roller with rows of rubber tires on the front or rear. They are typically used on sidewalks and can help with grading and polishing projects, but are also suitable for cold-paved asphalt or cold-mix pavements and loose soil layers.

4. Vibratory roller

Vibratory rollers come with specialized vibratory components, and other types of soils that are good at compacting are crushed stone or gravel. Because soil, asphalt, and concrete have natural voids that can cause buildings to warp and sink, causing structural damage, the use of vibratory rollers helps maintain the structural integrity of buildings.

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