Reasons and solutions for excessive engine noise of excavators

Publication Date: May 16, 2023
Excavator is a kind of heavy machinery equipment. Compared with other machinery equipment, the noise problem has always been one of the hot issues in its use. In particular, the excessive noise of the excavator engine will not only affect the working efficiency of the excavator, but also disturb the people, and it is also an early warning of engine failure. Here are some reasons and solutions for digging friends:

1. Reason analysis:

1. The engine intake pipe is not cleaned. During the engineering operation of the excavator, the engine intake pipe is often blocked by dust, sand, mud and other impurities. As a result, air circulation is blocked, the load on the engine is increased, noise is generated and even safety hazards are caused.

2. Poor sealing of the engine cylinder block or wear of the cylinder liner. In the engine of the excavator, the cylinder block and the cylinder liner are very important parts, which directly affect the operating efficiency and stability of the engine. If the cylinder block is not well sealed or the cylinder liner is worn excessively, it will cause the engine power to drop, the pressure in the cylinder to be too high, and the exhaust noise to increase.

3. The engine synchronizer is damaged or the gear gap is too large. When the synchronizer is damaged or the gear gap is too large, the engine will not work smoothly, which will bring many problems to the normal operation of the machine, such as unstable speed and gear meshing noise. wait.

4. The engine oil is insufficient or the oil cleanliness is not high. Engine oil is a vital lubricant, which plays an irreplaceable role in the normal operation and maintenance of the engine. If the engine oil is insufficient or the cleanliness is not high, it will cause serious damage and failure to the engine, resulting in reduced lubrication performance and friction noise.

2. Solution:

1. Regularly clean the engine air intake duct and choose appropriate cleaning tools. Usually, chemical cleaners, high-pressure water guns, disassembly and cleaning can be used for cleaning. Generally speaking, it needs to be cleaned every 500 hours or so to ensure the smooth flow of the engine intake pipe.

2. The reasons for the poor seal of the cylinder body may include the surface wear or deformation of the cylinder body, the aging or damage of the cylinder gasket, etc. In order to detect and repair these problems, we need to perform a compression test to determine whether there is a pressure leakage problem, and then use a grinder to level the surface of the cylinder block or replace the cylinder gasket; cylinder liner wear may be caused by insufficient lubrication due to long-term high-temperature operation, or impurities caused by entry. The best solution at this point is to replace the cylinder liner with a new one and minimize engine overheating.

3. Generally, the method to solve the damage of the engine synchronizer or the excessive gear clearance includes replacing the faulty parts, readjusting the gear clearance, strengthening maintenance and other measures. At the same time, frequent inspection and maintenance are also required to ensure the stable operation of engine parts and improve the reliability and safety of the machine.

4. Regularly change the oil and maintain the cleanliness of the oil. In order to ensure the safety and long life of the engine, it is necessary to pay attention to the usage of the engine oil at all times. During daily use, regularly check the quality and quantity of the engine oil, keep the oil sufficient and clean, and replace it in time.

3. Precautions:

- Before carrying out any repair and maintenance operations, the engine needs to be disconnected from the power supply and stopped from working.

- During operation, it is necessary to prevent liquids such as oil and water from entering the engine interior.

- When performing repairs and replacements, it is necessary to check whether the accessories meet the standards to ensure the quality and safety of the work.

In short, the excessive noise of the excavator engine may involve many factors. It is necessary to carefully explore factors such as the operating environment and the state of the mechanical system and optimize and improve them. This is the key to effective measures to reduce noise pollution and improve the overall working efficiency of the excavator.

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