What are the common faults of a seat-mounted road roller?

Publication Date: Mar 15, 2023
The function of the road roller is to carry out the leveling and rolling of the road surface, which can effectively help the road construction to become more level and of higher quality, and is the ideal equipment for the construction of roads, streets and squares by highways and municipalities. The common faults of the seat-driven road roller are as follows.

First, the air filter and valve clearance failure.

1, because some small rollers work in a harsh environment, a long time to accumulate in the air filter dirt congestion air into the combustion chamber, causing extreme lack of oxygen when the fuel is ignited, thus unable to start normally, the exclusion method to replace the air filter.

2, valve clearance adjustment in the engine is very tight, the gap is too small may cause air leakage, power drop, valve sealing appearance of the nervous burn ring and carbon, and even valve impact piston. The gap is too large can make the engine air intake is insufficient, exhaust not net and power decline, but also make the gas distribution mechanism parts impact number growth, accelerate the wear. A long time can form irreversible damage to the engine. If you encounter this situation can not start think your roller has been in the repair shop, so the valve clearance adjustment to have a professional operation.

Second, the lubricant aging and poor quality fuel.

1, the engine internal lubricating oil use too long aging, sticky dispatch too big. Especially in winter, lubricating oil impurities large cause engine necessary repeatedly start. Encounter this situation necessary to check whether the lubricant is missing. If missing, the residual lubricant quality is not good necessary to replace the new lubricant.

2, poor quality diesel in the winter temperature is low, oil impurities in more to less than the standard purity, resulting in the oil pipe solid paraffin supply system congestion. This situation is necessary to drain the fuel (stay with it on hot days) and add high quality diesel fuel. Then build a fire next to the roller to melt the paraffin inside the fuel line until it is ready to start. The residual poor quality fuel in the fuel supply line can be exhausted before work.

Third, the battery failure.

In the winter, the seat-driven road roller body equipped with battery storage power with the temperature drop and cut (used for more than 2 years of the machine) power shortage caused by starting difficulties. This situation requires the replacement of new batteries or battery repair.

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