HW750-8A Lawn Mower

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One-year warranty
Cutting width: 550mm
Weight: 130kg
Engine: 7.5Hp
Product Detail
  • The remote control lawn mower is a remote control intelligent agricultural and forestry equipment, with low energy consumption and free walking on the hillside. Suitable for forestry, grassland, roads, dams, agriculture, forestry, orchards, vegetables, greenhouses, farms, ecological gardens, etc.

  • Main Features:

    • 1. High efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can cut more than 8×667m2 per day, and its efficiency is 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2 per day).

    • 2. Good benefit: Due to the fast rotation of the lawn mower, the cutting effect on the orchard weeds is good, especially for the weeds with high tenderness. Generally, weeding 3 times a year can basically meet the weeding requirements.

    • 3. Conservation of water and soil: artificial hoe for weeding, because the topsoil is loosened while weeding, it will often cause a certain amount of water and soil loss. Manual weeding on the sill will cause more serious water and soil loss. The use of lawn mowers to weed, because only the above-ground part of the weeds is cut, it has almost no effect on the soil surface, and the soil-fixing effect of the grass roots is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.

    • 4. Environmental protection and energy saving: Use lawn mowers to weed, wait until weeds have grown to a certain height, and cut a large amount of weeds can cover the orchard, and can be used as organic fertilizer for the orchard, which will not pollute the environment and increase soil fertility.



Scope of application

Orchard, garden lawn, wasteland weeds, embankment slopes, etc.

Machine size


Packing size


Machine weight


Cutting width


Adjustable height


Cutting height


Walking speed


Working slope


Minimum ground clearance


Operation mode

emote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting

Walking mode

crawler walking


Loncin 196CC 7.5hp, optional


Yamaha MA190 7.5hp, optional

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