HW25-30 Backhoe Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Loader Bucket Capacity: 1.2m3
Digging Bucket Capacity: 0.25m3
Digging Force: 28KN
Product Detail
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    HW25-30 Backhoe Loader is mainly used for small-scale engineering operations such as afforestation, agriculture and animal husbandry construction, channel construction, sewer cleaning, water channel dredging, clean-up and reloading in factories and mines, and is widely used in small and medium-sized roadways with a width of 2 meters or more.



    Loader Capacity


    Loader Breakout Force


    Rated Load


    Loader Max. Dumping Height


    Loader Max. Dumping Distance


    Backhoe Capacity


Product Advantages

  • 1.Compact body,flexible and convenient,energy efficient;

  • 2.beautiful appearance,reasonable and humanized design;

  • 3. use hydraulic torque converter drive,easy to operate,saves time and effort equipped with auxiliary equipment;

  • 4.oil circuit, can be upgraded to use auxiliary equipment to achieve a real multi-purpose function;

  • 5.maintenance,simple maintenance,low maintenance costs.

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