HW25-30 Backhoe Loader

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Loader Bucket Capacity: 1.2m3
Digging Bucket Capacity: 0.25m3
Digging Force: 28KN
Product Detail

The HW25-30 Backhoe Loader is primarily designed for performing small-scale engineering operations in various industries. It is commonly used in afforestation, agriculture, and animal husbandry construction, as well as channel construction, sewer cleaning, water channel dredging, and clean-up and reloading tasks in factories and mines. Additionally, it is widely employed in small and medium-sized roadways with a width of 2 meters or more.

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    Loader Capacity


    Loader Breakout Force


    Rated Load


    Loader Max. Dumping Height


    Loader Max. Dumping Distance


    Backhoe Capacity


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