How to choose an aerial work vehicle? What aspects should be paid attention to?

Publication Date: Mar 08, 2023


With the development and needs of all walks of life, Jining Sitong aerial work vehicles have well met the diverse technical needs in terms of performance and practicability, and met the needs of operations in different fields and at different heights. Aerial work vehicles involve the cost and practicality of the enterprise itself. If the procurement is not in place, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses. How to choose an aerial work vehicle? What should we pay attention to in the selection process?

Pay attention to arm safety index

In terms of industry maturity, aerial work vehicles have a history of more than 30 years. In the process of arm design and manufacturing, we should pay attention to whether the arm meets international standards, and whether the design of the arm meets international standards. In order to earn more profits, some unscrupulous companies mistakenly mark the height and weight of the arms. We recommend that you use a ruler to measure the length of the arm and whether the number of arm segments is correct when purchasing. Don't think that for the same money, the longer the arm, the better.

Pay attention to the weight that the aircraft can carry

Most aerial work vehicles are used to move, transport or assist workers in aerial work. Different uses have different requirements on bearing weight. Most aerial work vehicles are exposed to the sun and rain, and thermal expansion and cold contraction should be considered. In addition, long-term work is also a test of the working vehicle material. The four-way aerial work vehicle can withstand a weight of more than 400 kilograms each time, has strong compression resistance, high anti-skid degree, and is safe and secure.

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