What is the effect of excavator hydraulic oil entering water? How to solve?

Publication Date: Mar 08, 2023


Has your excavator hydraulic system been flooded? Don't underestimate it, once the hydraulic system of the excavator is flooded, it will cause great damage! What is the effect of excavator hydraulic oil entering water? How to deal with it?

Excavator hydraulic oil enters water, why does excavator hydraulic system enter water? Although the hydraulic system is sealed, it is still possible for water to enter. For example, the excavator has been working in a humid and watery environment for a long time, and the surrounding air humidity is too high. Water vapor breathes through the hydraulic oil tank, causing the hydraulic oil of the excavator to enter the water, which is more common in the south; mechanical failure of the hydraulic system leads to poor sealing of the pipeline. Strict, if the cooling coil leaks, it will cause water to enter the hydraulic system; when cleaning, oil change, and maintenance, the waterproof measures are not good, and water enters the hydraulic system.

What is the effect of water entering the hydraulic system of the excavator and the hydraulic oil of the excavator? Let's look at the comparison between the hydraulic oil of the excavator and the normal hydraulic oil.

After the hydraulic oil is mixed with water, it will seriously affect its lubricity;

Water dissolved in hydraulic oil will accelerate the wear of high-stress components and seriously reduce the service life of bearings and other components;

Water reacts chemically with hydraulic pressure to form acids, colloids and sludge;

Water pollution may also precipitate additives in hydraulic oil, resulting in hydraulic oil emulsification and serious deterioration;

A large amount of water entering the hydraulic system will also corrode metal parts, which will further threaten the safety of the hydraulic system after rusting.

The water will also cause the control valve to stick, cause air pressure erosion at the pump inlet or other low-pressure parts, seriously affect the hydraulic pressure of the working device, and cause local weakness, fuel consumption and other failures.

How to prevent excavator hydraulic oil from entering water?

If the water ingress of the excavator hydraulic oil is not too serious, you can use an oil-water separator to separate the water; for the hydraulic oil with serious emulsification, discoloration and deterioration, you should replace the new hydraulic oil after completely pumping out the deteriorated oil, find out the cause of the water ingress and fix it. solve it completely.

1. Drain water in time. It is recommended to open the water valve to release water once every three days.

2. For excavators working in humid and watery areas in the south, a dryer must be installed on the breathing hole of the hydraulic oil tank to prevent water vapor from entering.

3. Strengthen the sealing measures of the hydraulic system, and increase the waterproof sealing devices of hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders and other components to prevent moisture from entering.

4. Take waterproof measures during maintenance in rainy days, and try not to replace hydraulic components and hydraulic oil in rainy days.

I believe everyone has a better understanding of the impact of water entering the hydraulic oil of the excavator. Once the hydraulic oil of the excavator enters the hydraulic system, it is very difficult to deal with it. Reduces the risk of hydraulic oil water ingress.

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