Diesel Forklift

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Training on Arrival
One-year warranty
Max.Load Capacity: 5T
Max.Lift Height: 3m
Operation Mode: Seated
Product Detail

Diesel forklifts are widely used in ports, stations, airports, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and other places, mainly responsible for the loading and unloading of goods.

Main feature:

1. The body is compact, the operation is free and flexible, and it can work in a small space;

2. Ergonomic design makes the operation more labor-saving;

3. Provide a good vision for forklift operation, and improve work efficiency while ensuring safety.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Please contact us!

Rated Load1.5T2T
Lifting height3m3m
Frame size2200*160*552200*160*55
fork length1.07m1.07m
TireFront 600-14,Rear 500-8Front650-16,Rear600-9
Max climing ability10-20°10-20°
Overall weight24003200
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