6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
6Ton Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 6000Kg
Lifting Height: 28m
Rated Power: 74Kw
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The self-made crane is mainly composed of a long boom and an electric motor. The steel wire on the crane is connected with the motor through the pulley to control the lifting and lowering. The base of the crane can also be rotated so as to save time and effort when loading and unloading the goods. As long as the goods are hung on the hook of the crane and the motor is started, the goods will be slowly lifted because several stones are pressed on the base The self-made crane can save time and labor. The crane is used for hoisting equipment, emergency rescue, lifting, machinery and rescue.

The advantages are convenient and flexible, high efficiency, fast transition, improve work efficiency. Crane is used in hoisting equipment, emergency, lifting, machinery, rescue; widely used in port workshops, construction sites and other places of lifting and handling machinery.

Main features of the product

1. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, simple structure, stable transmission, labor-saving operation and easy realization of automatic control.
2. It is suitable for swamp, river beach, desert, paddy field, tropical rain forest, snow and ice surface and other complex road conditions.
3. Single cylinder power system, low fuel consumption, can also use double cylinder, four cylinder diesel engine.
4. It has good traction, good grip performance and strong transportation capacity.
5. Small turning radius, flexible, especially suitable for narrow site, reduce the cost of road construction.
6. Equipped with electric start, centralized handle, convenient operation



Slewing bearing

External tooth 1.2m



Slewing mechanism

planetary steering




5 full hydraulic outriggers (single section)

Overall dimensions


Outrigger span




Outrigger span (single)


Maximum rated lifting weight



biliateral pilot-controlled valve

Maximum lifting height


working lamp


Engine model


Hydraulic pump

Single pump

Gearbox model

6-speed transmission

Oil electric amphibious

11KW  IP6-pole motor

Braking System

automatically air-cut brake

Boom structure type

4m x 7section

Steering mechanism

Hydraulic Power Steering

Main hoisting mechanism

6T winch

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