HW10 Crawler Excavator
HW10 Crawler Excavator
HW10 Crawler Excavator
HW10 Crawler Excavator
HW10 Crawler Excavator
Total weight: 900kg
Bucket capacity: 0.02cbm
Rated power: 8.6Kw
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HW10 Crawler Excavator

  • HW mini excavator is designed for small works, small projects, in garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, digging trench. It is with small engine, simple design, easy to maintain.

Main Features:

  • 1. with excellent work efficiency and excellent cost-effective;
  • 2. the standard configuration bulldozer can be flat site, earth backfill, increase machine stability;
  • 3. simple, small and flexible, easy to transport, can work in small venues, especially for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, navel orange value, trenching, fertilization, weeding;
  • 4. with mining, broken, clear hooks, drilling, earth multi-function, can quickly replace the accessories, machine utilization greatly improved;
Track distance mm 770
Length of track mm 1090
Ground clearance mm 380
Turning radius at the end of the platform mm 733
Chassis width mm 940
Track width mm 180
Track height mm 320
Total transportation length mm 2550
Vehicle height mm 1330
Operating range Unit Specification
Max.ground excavation radius mm 2400
Max.digging depth mm 1400
Max.digging height mm 2490
Maximum vertical digging depth mm 1320
Minimum turning radius mm 1190
Max.lifting height of of bulldozer mm 325
Dozer blade Maximum digging depth mm 175
Dozer blade Maximum digging depth Unit Specification
Total weight kg 900
Bucket capacity m3 0.02
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